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Bat Chain Puller?
Paul Tubby
Downtown Worksop,
( UK )

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How to order:

Follow the links at the top of each section to order.

into the body of an e-mail.

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Use the ORDER BY E-MAIL link for :
1. PayPal ( I will send you a PayPal invoice )
2. Online Bank Transfers
3. Quotes for postage \ part exchanges
4. Any questions \ queries

Postage rates:

£50 + Free
Under £50 I'll quote on all orders

At loading ......... I'll quote on all orders.

CD Orders : overseas clients are strongly recommended to order without
cases \ trays as cost of posting these is usually higher than buying them
locally - cost efficient on orders of 4 or more ( EEC \ European ) & 2 or
more ( Americas \ Australasia \ Far East )

How to Pay:


UK : For small orders under £ 20 ( and not electronic ) postage stamps will do,
denominations of between 10p & £ 1 ideal.

NON UK : an electronic payment only ( either Online Bank Transfer / Swift or PayPal )

Online banking: those of you who have access to online facilities can pay by a direct electronic transfer to my account (just let me know a transfer is on the way) Details you need as follows:

P C Tubby

Sending cash?

BEWARE! Virtually no alternative other than to send by your equivalent of registered post! Some countries are more notorious than others as a few of our Italian / Greek clients know to their cost!

Only recommended for orders in excess of £ 100 due to poorer exchange rate
and cost of sending monies by registered post ( English £'s only ).

Reserving stock?

No problem.......for 10 days only!

Stock not available?

Instant to let me have as many alternatives as possible as some titles move rapidly!

Part Exchanging ?

Feel free to offer your unwanted cd's \ cassettes in part exchange for items
available ........ minimum of 5 items to be offered together with a cash
order of a minimum of £ 10.

Any problems?

Just let me know!


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